Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Adding Content

Hello again all, I just wanted to throw a note in here and say that I am currently adding more content, and that this blog is still in the beta stages. Please feel free to leave a comment on what all you would like to see go in this blog, or of what you think about the contents already here.

 Looking for a grammar editor also. I can not pay at the moment, so any qualified volunteers are greatly welcomed.


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Finding And Getting Affiliated

   So you've found your niche, set up your blog, built up your audience, but you just can't seem to find an organization that has the awesome "Finger Paint" that you want to promote/share with your readers. Maybe your like me and just started a blog about your favorite games, and you need to find an organization that you can become affiliated with that have those games to offer.

   What's up guys, my name is Anthony Griffith, ~AKA~ Zarr. I started this blog because, ironically, there are virtually ZERO blogs or sites out there with the kind of help that I'm going to provide for everyone. For those of us tired of sifting through blogs and websites trying to find the most current and up-to-date material and information, This is definitely the blog for you! I also welcome ANY thoughts and comments, no matter how positive or negative.

                                   Affiliate Community

   Every affiliate NEEDS an audience, a community of viewers and readers. Any blogger knows that in order to have a successful blog or website, we have to create interesting content that our viewers will WANT to come back to. Having interesting content, in my opinion, is key. That's partly what gave me this idea, to start an "Affiliate Community".

   My vision for this "Affiliate Community" is not strictly only available to JUST affiliates, but anyone like-minded, and willing, no, WANTING to help make a community like this expand and grow for the benefit of all. Now, by now I suppose your wondering what my point is...Think about it, my point is this.

   The "Affiliate Community" is basically as the name describes, with just a few more perks. Say for example; I have 1,300 followers/subscribers already, but I need or want more viewers, readers, and/or subscribers. I just come here, leave a comment about my thoughts or interests so others might relate ,+1 this site, and then everyone already subscribed to me gets notified. Now lets say that you come in right behind me, and you have 200 followers/subscribers. You read over the blog and do the exact same thing, except you see my post, find it interesting, and decide to add me.

   OK, what just happened is that, the first two viewers just became readers, then became contributors, and just by doing those simple acts, created an instant possibility of 1,500 more viewers that might come and check out whats going on at this blog. Now I'm no math expert, but I'm pretty sure that out of 1,500 people, AT LEAST 10 of them come to check this blog out. Then 5 of them decide to leave a comment and +1, Now everything starts over, but with higher numbers. Thus, the community begins to grow and grow...

   Alright, I know you're thinking that this is just another form of networking. Guess what, you're right. ALTHOUGH, not to rip off one of my favorite movies, but, THIS... IS... GOOGLE!!! Just thinking about that alone should explain a lot. This isn't like Facebook, or Twitter, or even MySpace. EVERYTHING we do on Google INSTANTLY gets Crawled and archived. What does that mean you ask? It means that every time we post ANYTHING, a comment, a blog, clicking on a link, anything, it instantly get put on the Google page rankings. So every time we visit our favorite website, *cough-cough*, or click that +1 button, it helps that site rise to the top of the searches for when someone else searches something relevant to it.

    Below I'm going to post a 5 point table of what the "Affiliate Community" will be offering (I do this in consideration to the people that I call "Scanners", that are just looking for specific information without having to read the entire post.)

           Why Join This Affiliate Community?

     1) Helps to contribute more traffic to your site or blog.
     2) Helps build your viewers
     3) Helps to become more established
     4)Finding or contributing useful information about an Organization.

     5)Keeping up to date on Affiliate affairs.

     How To Join The Affiliate Community?

   Well, at the moment I do not have a specific application, HOWEVER... If you just leave a comment of your thoughts or ideas below, +1 this blog, and submit your email address (on the right) then that will suffice until I can manage something more official. Also feel free to follow or circle me (Anthony Griffith).

   Content Will Be Added Daily, Regardless!!!